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MONUMENTAL CLOCKS - for towers, bell-towers, others buildings

Mankind in all ages has studied the way of measuring and indicating the passing of time. The introduction of the mechanical clock in Europe towards the end of the thirteenth century brought about a historic turning point in the measurement of time.

Mechanical clocks spread rapidly and were soon fitted with mechanisms for chiming the hours. According to a report of that time, in Milan in 1335 the church of San Gottardo had: “… a wonderful clock, with a great clapper that strikes a bell twenty-four times at the twenty-four hours of the day and night and thus at the first hour of the night strikes once and at the second strikes twice, and in this way distinguishes one hour from another which is the greatest service to persons of all stations in life”.

A service that is still relevant, even in our communities.

Monumental Clock Image -   Trieste's Bell-Tower

Monumental Clock Image

Monumental Clock Image

Our company holds and puts into practice the knowledge of a traditional and age-old activity of construction of large clocks for towers and other buildings.

Our equipment is highly reliable in terms of precision as it implements state-of-the-art technologies, is flexible in the solutions for the wide range of equipment available and is designed for easy installation.

An electrician, following the instructions enclosed with our equipment, can build and operate correctly one of our tower clocks.

The CRONOQUARZ 4220 master clock is the brain that controls our systems; the equipment controlled customises its features.

Dials, hands and numbers
We are able to build clocks that meet the most widely varying aesthetic needs and architectural styles, both using our standard products and studying ad hoc solutions for the manufacture of the various components.
Monumental Clock Image

Restoring clocks
Our company can boast consolidated experience in the restoring and repairing of ancient mechanical clocks, precious testimony to our history and at times true works of art.
Monumental Clock Image
Download Datasheet MONUMENTAL CLOCKS
  The technical details and data may change as a result of improvements to the products or by specific request.
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